monsters have to be sacrificed for every yugioh monster you summon?

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monsters have to be sacrificed for every yugioh monster you summon?

Post  RahimBhai on Sat Dec 04, 2010 1:31 am

It depends on the Type of monster, as well as the level. Level is indicated by the stars on the card. 1-4, no sacrifice required. 5-6, 1 sacrifice required, 7 and higher, 2 are needed. These are normal conditions on summoning. Some monsters can be summoned, because of their effect, or effect of other cards, with less, or no sacrifice! Very Happy
Or maybe it requires a different type of sacrifice of removing from play cards in your graves yard, etc....
If it is a Blue backed card, Ritual monster, they require a Ritual spell card and require sacrifice from your hand, or side of the field, equal to the level of the summoned monster. This is a special summon. Fusion monsters need fusion matterial monsters that are mention on the card.
And Synchro monsters, white backed, are cards that need a tuner monster (a sub-type monster), and non-tuner monsters that combine to equal to their level. This is also a special summon.
Other summons are Gilfird the Lightning, where you need to sacrifice 3 to have his effect of destroying all monsters on the field, but you don't HAVE to sacrifice that many, you could sacrifice 2.
Another common card is the Obelisk the Tormentor card that states it needs 3 sacrifices to normal summon it, even though it is a monster that would normally require 2. In this case, it is its effect that states otherwise.
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