best to train on for training a str pure in runescape?

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best to train on for training a str pure in runescape? Empty best to train on for training a str pure in runescape?

Post  RahimBhai on Sat Dec 04, 2010 1:30 am

If you have some startup money, I would get a rune scimitar, full leather, and a power amulet (power is very important here). Then go southwest (mostly south) of Falador to the wizards. Bring trout, pike, salmon, or tuna. Kill the Air and Water Wizards. They give 100 exp per kill each. Over time, the drops pay for the food (runes and talismans). Watch when you sell to avoid price manipulation clans' attempts to screw the economy over. If they take too long to respawn, start killing Fire and Earth Wizards, but be aware that you will be hit more, and the drops wont' necessarily pay for the food.

A lot of people suggest hill giants or moss giants. Don't go there. They're only good if not crowded. They are almost always crowded. The time wasted world-switching negates any of the positives.

Were I you, I would also consider the Dark Wizards in the stone circle south (barely) of Varrock. These hit some also, but the drops are better on average, and there is less of a problem waiting for respawns.

If you want to knock out two birds with one stone, you could kill them on a pvp world. This way you get ep up as well for your first time pking. You have decent stats, so you could just go to the wizards decked out for pking (full leather is as good as any with 1 prayer and 1 def, but better against wizards), leaving 3 spots empty for drops, carrying 17 cheap food such as the aforementioned trout-tuna, and 8 lobsters or swordfish.

You would then simply fight the wizards, who would never be crowded. In fact, you'd probably be the only person. Were you attacked, you could fight back and probably win if you had close to full food, or you could run to a bank if you were down to your good food. You would bank whenever you got down to your 8 pking food items, thus ensuring that you don't die while banking.

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